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Jan Hollins is an established textile artist known for blending silk, metallics and batik fabrics in her work.  Ms Hollins began her love of colorful fabric years ago by designing evening, wedding and African fashions. She decided to expand her career by studying interior design but found fabricating home decor to be more satisfying.


In 2011 Ms Hollins opened a business quilting, instructing quilters and art sales.  She and her students exhibited their quilts in the 'Textured Inspiration' quilt show in Sacramento, CA at the Brickhouse Art Gallery. After the exhibit Ms Hollins was one of the founding members of 'Sisters Quilting Collective, a Sacramento based quilt guild.  As years followed she exhibited a number of award winning quilts in a number of galleries and events.


In 2014 her creative spirit rose again and she founded a group called 'Fiber Art Masters of Sacramento, CA.  This small group of creative artist studied elements of design, fabric dyeing, thread painting, free motion quilting, reverse applique and much more.  With Ms Hollins inspiration the group created an award winning group quilt titled 'Our House of Many Colors' and

a book of short stories with Aisha Lumumba and Lawrence Sullivan titled 'I Am Black and Beautiful '.


Ms Hollins resides in Atlanta, GA and plans to continue teaching, doing presentations, workshops and creating her style of fiber art. She belongs to Brown Sugar Quilt Guild of Atlanta GA.

In the light of continued progression she has begun a line of Afri Neo Dolls.  Each doll feature fashions inspired  by progressive women of color.


Jan feels life is never boring as long as there is fabric  available!

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